Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Specialists

The LHM Healthcare Group provides a range of clinical and specialist services to the NHS, private commissioners, the Armed Forces, private patients and commercial clients.

Our Hyperbaric centres are based at two major NHS hospitals; one in London and the other in Great Yarmouth.

They are equipped with modern multiplace therapy chambers, which are available for routine referrals and the emergency treatment of conditions such as:

  • severe carbon monoxide poisoning,
  • gas embolism,
  • decompression illness
  • and necrotizing soft tissue infections.

We also run a 24/7/365 emergency hyperbaric treatment service for divers with a helpline offering free, confidential diving accident advice.

Our centres are staffed by highly experienced diving doctors who also provide pre-dive PADI, BSAC & HSE medicals.

Providing specialist hyperbaric medical services for 20 years.

Come and Join Us..

at the Joint Scientific Conference of British Hyperbaric Association and UK Dive Medical Committee

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In-person and virtual (online) attendance options are available.

We're also pleased to invite members of the Dive Medical and Hyperbaric communities as well as other allied colleagues (including trainees) to submit abstracts.

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